Special Thanks

Eric Dieckman - Eric is the reason the MRHS baseball fields are some of the best places to play in the state.  Ranked by local papers to be in the top 5 of fields, the MRHS players are the recipients of Eric's endless hours of work.  Many don't know but the equipment used to care for the facilities are actually the property of Eric.  He has been beyond gracious to continue his work even though he has no player in the program and hasn't for many years.  If you see him sitting on top of the container watching a game and wonder why he has the best seat in the house, this is why.  While you are at it, say Thank You to him as well. The MRHS Baseball teams owe Eric an enormous amount of gratitude.  THANK YOU!!!

Drew Stegon - Drew helped Eric through the spring season. Drew rebuilt both V and JV mounds numerous times over the course of the season. Assisting with maintenance of the fields included grass cutting, infield dragging along with nail drags to keep the playing surface in best possible shape and painting the fields before games.  Also want to thank Drew for the donation of 120 baseballs to the JV/Freshman program and for the receiver and speakers for the V clubhouse.

Mike Bailey - Mike has been the backbone in the effort to get the V players a new clubhouse. Mike worked endlessly on coordinating the delivery of the container and the plans to turn it into a place for the boys to call home in 2022. Much of what Mike has done goes unseen as he spends hours upon hours at the facility over weekends.  

Holtorf Family - Mr. Holtorf was kind enough to make a major donation to the Program by paying for the delivery of the new dirt needed to re-level the fields. The cost to deliver 30 Tons of dirt costs more than the actual dirt due to the logistics and this contribution was the final piece needed for the Program to afford to re-level the fields.


Martinez Family & Wakefield Family -  Both of these families donated a large amount of baseballs to the Program. The cost of baseballs is a lot more than most people understand and having these families donate the baseballs helps the us out because we no longer have an expense on the books we need to pay for.