Special Thanks

Holtorf Family - Mr. Holtorf was kind enough to make a major donation to the Program by paying for the delivery of the new dirt needed to re-level the fields. The cost to deliver 30 Tons of dirt costs more than the actual dirt due to the logistics and this contribution was the final piece needed for the Program to afford to re-level the fields.


Martinez Family & Wakefield Family -  Both of these families donated a large amount of baseballs to the Program. The cost of baseballs is a lot more than most people understand and having these families donate the baseballs helps the us out because we no longer have an expense on the books we need to pay for.


Gigi Warinner - Gigi has been such a great help to the Program and organizing the Goodwill Drive to not only meet the Goal but we BEAT the Goal.  This was a large undertaking with lots of coordination needed to have items picked up at remote locations and brought back to the school.  Once again Gigi has come through to help raise funds for the Baseball Program.


Borman Family -  We wanted to send a Thank You for buying the boys Pizza at the Goodwill Drive. There were a large number of very hungry players helping out with the Drive and the Borman family coming through and buying lunch for them was just a thoughtful thing to do and was very much appreciated.